:: Sunrise at G. Chamah ::
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By: fisha aka uglysister

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Rehab @ Pangkor (26-28 Jan 2009)

Lumut Waterfront
walking down the lonely road
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After a terrible fever that lasted a whole week, I figured I needed to relax and have some rehab time in Pangkor Island, Perak. It was considered a last minute getaway coz we didn't plan for it with my being sick and all the previous week. So on Sunday afternoon, after waiting for Bai to finish some of his work (that seemed to last for hours!), we packed quickly and left the house at 6pm.

We reached Lumut at about 9pm and after dinner, looked everywhere for hotels but to no success. We drove back out to Manjung to look for hotels but since it was CNY holidays, every room is fully booked. But no worries, we were prepared for it - we brought our hammocks and finally camped out at Teluk Batik beach. When we got there, the beach was full of groups of families and frens on picnic and camping trips so it was really safe. We tied our hammocks and slept until 6am (tried to sleep anyway since it was crowded with noisy kids still playing at 3am(!!) and later the mat rempits tested their whatever skills at about 5am). In the end we gave up and left the place to buy the first ticket to Pangkor at Lumut jetty.

sunrise @ Lumut

The ferry ride took about half an hour so we reached Pangkor quite early - about 8am. Bai rented a motorbike for about RM70 a day (during off peak season the rental is only RM30..sheez!) We were told that all hotels were fully booked but we decided to ride along the Pangkor beach anyway and look for available room anywhere. We rode the bike until Teluk Nipah and scoured for rooms and we finally got really lucky that there was 1 available room in Palma Beach Resort. It costs about RM200/night (off peak rate is RM120 only), but we were satisfied with the room as it was a big room for 4 people (1 queen bed and 2 single beds) and was just a walking distance to the beach.

Our room

We checked in after we visited the Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort ) and trekked up the Jambatan Gantung (not much fun by the way). After resting for a while, we went to the crowded beach for some swim and sun. The water was great and the place was really happening with lots of people doing all sorts of water activities, swimming or just chilling out. We wanted to go kayaking (rates about RM15/hour) but decided we would do the water activities the next day.

globe trekker

waiting for sunset

We finally left the beach at about 6pm back to our room, took a shower, and headed back out to catch the sunset. Teluk Nipah is a great sunset spot, but the sun will be partially blocked by the neighbouring islands, so we had to ride towards Pasir Bogak and there a was a perfect spot just before Pasir Bogak. We managed to capture a few sunset shots then when it was about to get dark, we headed back to Teluk Nipah to have some dinner.

beautiful sunset

Our seafood dinner cost about RM70 - which is OK considering the seafood were all fresh. Then we walked along Teluk Nipah to check out the souvenir shops and later on chilled out at the beach. Nitelife is a bit peaceful here - no pubs in sight here, it's just a place for people to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island itself.

The next day we did some island hopping (costs about RM20/person, inclusive of snorkeling mask and life vest and the boat tour). We passed by Monkey Bay, Pulau Mentagor, Pulau Giam and lastly Coral Island. We did some snorkeling at Pulau Giam, but the place was crowded and the sea has receded so there was nothing much to see. In fact, the sea receded so much that people can just walk from Teluk Nipah beach up to Coral beach. It was fun to watch but we didn't manage to do it due to time limitations.

Pulau Giam

After the boat ride, we swam for a bit and then headed back to our room to check out and then leave the island. Though it was a short trip, I was satisfied that I finally set foot on this island after 30 years of living here in this country

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I've Been Tagged By Julie!!

I've been tagged by Julie (http://juliatyz.fotopages.com/) where I'm supposed to publish the 5th photo in the 5th folder in my PC.

Well, since my actual 5th folder in my PC is a work folder and has no pictures at all in it, I've looked for the 5th folder in My Pictures folder and here it is

It's actually a Celebrity Look-Alike www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/look-alike-meter.php website where we can upload our photo and then the website has some kind of tool to produce a list of celebrities that resembles us the most.. It's fun..!! try it

Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel are all in my list.. hehehe

Next to tag : whoever's reading and hasn't done this yet

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Backdated entry : Shell CTS Away Day Genting Theme Park

on the way to theme park
naik cable car ngn affat n syam
nice view
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Event : Shell CTS Away Day Genting Theme Park
Date : 21 June 2008
Location : Genting Highlands Theme Park
Events : Theme park rides (indoor and outdoor), lunch at First World Hotel, free and easy.

The next day, upon checking out of hotel, each of us were given free all park rides (inclusive of spouse) and Cable car coupons as well.

We had lunch at First World Hotel (free again yahoo), then continued our journey with theme park rides, Sadly, at about 4pm rain poured heavily so we rushed indoor to continue our thrill rides. The rest of the gang ciao'ed mostly around 5.30 but Bai and i waited until the rain stopped and continue with our outdoor rides - Flying Coaster, Corkscrew, Antique Car, Solero Space Shot, Pirate ship, Go-Kart, etc.. gpt some night shots which we've never seen before at Outdoor theme park.

Flying Coaster

Nite shot of solero space shot

Ferris wheel at dusk

theme park at night

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Backdated entry : Shell CTS Appreciation Night 2008

buffet lunch at awana
pejal and wife
affat and syam
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Backdated entry

Event : Shell CTS Away Day and Appreciation Night 2008
Date : 20 - 21 June 2008
Location : Awana Genting Highlands and theme park
Dinner Theme : Winter Wonderland
Events : Appreciation awards, CTS dinner, lucky draw, best ice queen and king, theme park rides (free for all)

Dinner theme : winter wonderland

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House Warming Party Buih oh la la..

jenn, sanusi, darwish
the food
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Event : House Warming Party
Location : My new house
When : 5th July 2008
Attendees : Frens - UTM, SRC, colleagues, Bai's colleagues, outdoor frens
(invitation limited sebab rumah kecik je, kekawan lain jgn kecik ati ek.. nanti buat lagi insyaAllah)

makcik2 sebok pilih brooch.. hehe

the mummies

fydah pon datang, mau pon datang lupa nk amik gamba


ni je la party buih nye

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